Recent Graduates

We would like to congratulate our recent 2013 & 2014 graduates:

CECILIA PRUDENTE - Hyder Jinnah, Advisor: "Neuroanatomical substrates for head movements in humans" (04/15)

STEVE RYAN - Donald Rainnie, Advisor: "Developmental Regulation of Membrane Potential Oscillations in the Basolateral Amygdala: Modulation by Beta-Adrenergic Receptor Activation" (11/14)

YVONNE OGBONMWAN - David Weinshenker, Advisor: "Identification of Mechanisms Understanding Reduction of Cocaine Seeking By Exercise" (11/14)

MALLORY BOWERS - Kerry Ressler, Advisor: "Interaction between the Cholecystokinin and Endogenous Cannabinoid System in Cued Fear Expression and Extinction Retention" (10/14)

CHRISTINA NEMETH - Gretchen Neigh, Advisor: "Behavioral and Physiological Consequences of Microembolic Stroke" (10/14)

KATY SHEPARD - Robert Liu, Advisor: "Experience-dependent auditory cortical map plasticity across the lifespan" (10/14)

ARIANA MULLIN - Victor Faundez, Advisor: "Regulation of Drosophila Synaptic Function and Plasticity by a Schizophrenia Susceptibility Network" (08/14)

ORION KEIFER - Kerry Ressler, Advisor: "The Development and Application of Ex Vivo MRI Techniques to Understand the Neural Basis of Pavlovian Fear Conditioning and Extinction" (08/14)

LEILA MYRICK - Stephen Warren, Advisor: "Pathogenesis of Novel FMR1 Mutations in Fragile X Syndrome" (08/14)

EVAN LEBOIS - Allan Levey, Advisor: "Discovery and Development of Selective M1 Agonists that Protect against Alzheimer's Pathology and Bias Hippocampal Circuitry Dynamics in Rodents" (07/14)

JEANNE MCKEON - Lih-Shen Chin and Lian Li, Co-Advisors: "Ubiquitin C-Terminal Hydrolase L1 Regulation and Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Disease Pathogenesis" (07/14)

KAREN MURRAY - Michael Owens, Advisor: "In Vivo Investigation of Escitalopram’s Allosteric Site on the Serotonin Transporter" (06/14)

KATHY REDING - Mar Sanchez and Mark Wilson, Co-Advisors: "Psychosocial Stress Modifies the Effects of Estradiol on Female Rhesus Monkey Brain and Behavior" (06/14)

MING-FAI FONG - Peter Wenner, Advisor: "The Role of Excitatory Neurotransmission in the Induction of Homeostatic Synaptic Plasticity" (06/14)

DREW SOLYST - Elizabeth Buffalo, Advisor: "Hormonal and Neuronal Mechanisms of Social Attention and Memory in the Rhesus Macaque (Maccacca Mulatta)" (06/14)

DAVID BASS - Joseph Manns, Advisor: "Amygdala Stimulation Enhances Memory for Specific Events by Modulating the Hippocampus" (05/14)

KATIE BARRETT - Larry Young, Advisor: "Neural Mechanisms of Diversity in Social Behavior" (03/14)

CALLIE MCGRATH - Helen Mayberg, Advisor: "Characterizing Depression Neurobiology through Treatment Outcomes" (03/14)

MONICA CHAU - Ling Wei, Advisor: "Induced Pluripotent Stem (IPS) Cell Transplantation as a Treatment for Ischemic Stroke" (03/14)

TERESA MADSEN - Donald Rainnie, Advisor: "Corticolimbic Oscillations in Fear Learning" (03/14)

AHMAD SYLVESTER - James Lah & Allan Levey, Co-Advisors: "Characterization of the Relationship between LR11 and Neurofibrillary Tangles" (02/14)

NIKKI SAWYER - Andrew Escayg & Gretchen Neigh, Co-Advisors: "The Role of Stress in two Genetic Models of Epilepsy" (02/14)

RACHAEL ALLEN - Machelle Pardue, Advisor: "Progesterone as a Neuroprotective Treatment in the Retina" (01/14)

MOE HEIN AUNG - Machelle Pardue, Advisor: "Mechanisms Underlying Early Visual Dysfunctions in Rodent Models of Type 1 Diabetes" (01/14)

REBECCA MEYER - Randy Hall, Advisor: "GPR37 and GPR37L1: Ligand Identification, Cell Protective Signaling and Dopaminergic Cross-Talk" (12/13)

CHRISTOPHER MAKINSON - Andrew Escayg, Advisor: "The Role of the Voltage Gated Sodium Channel SCN8A in Epilepsy" (12/13)

DAVID EHRLICH - Donald Rainnie, Advisor: "Critical Periods in the Development of Amygdala Inhibition: Effects of Prenatal Stress" (11/13)

LUCY CHASTAIN - Becky Kinkead and Charles Nemeroff, Co-Advisors: "The Consequences of Neurotensin Deficiency on the Behavioral Effects of Dopamine Agonists and on Striatal Dopaminergic Tone" (10/13)

ABRAHAM MATHAI - Yoland Smith, Advisor: "Glutamatergic Inputs to the Subthalamic Nucleus: A Comparison of Relative Abundance, Synaptology and Functional Connectivity in Normal versus Parkinsonian Conditions" (09/13)

KALYNDA GONZALES - Yoland Smith and Thomas Wichmann, Co-advisors: "Cholinergic Interneurons: Distribution and Synaptic Inputs in the Primate Putamen" (08/13)

SARA FREEMAN - Larry Young, Advisor: "Characterization of Oxytocin Receptors in the Nonhuman Primate Brain" (08/13)

BRITTANY HOWELL - Mar Sanchez, Advisor: "Neurodevelopmental Consequences of Early-life Stress in Primates" (08/13)

DAMON LAMB - Ronald Calabrese, Advisor: "Multi-compartmental Modeling shows Correlated Conductance Parameters in Leech Heart Motor Neurons Contribute to Motor Pattern Formation" (08/13)

YANJIE FAN - James Zheng, Advisor: "Actin Capping Protein in Dendritic Spine Development" (06/13)

AMY ANDERSON-ZOSE - Edward Craighead and Elaine Walker, Co-Advisors: "Prenatal Maternal Depression and the Neurodevelopment of Social Cognition" (04/13)

SANTIAGO ARCHILA - Astrid Prinz, Advisor: "Experimental and Computational Evidence for Regulation of Synaptic Conductance via Graded Homeostasis of Post-synaptic Chloride Concentration" (04/13)

STEFANIE RITTER - Randy Hall, Advisor: "Regulation of Glutamate Transporter and Receptor Function by NHERF Scaffolding Proteins" (04/13)

DEBRA COOPER - Leonard Howell and David Weinshenker, Co-Advisors: "Effects of Pharmacological Dopamine b-hydroxylase Inhibition on Cocaine-induced Behavior and Neurochemistry" (03/13)

ERIN HECHT - Lisa Parr, Advisor: "Neural Adaptations for Social Learning: Structural and Functional Investigations of Action Observation Networks in Macaques, Chimpanzees and Humans" (01/13)