Graduates in Neuroscience

Graduates in Neuroscience, GIN, is a student-run organization comprised of the students in the Emory Neuroscience Graduate Program. Our aims are to promote neuroscience and build a sense of community, all the while enjoying ourselves - whether playing paintball, teaching neuroscience to elementary school kids, hosting a lecturer, or rafting at the annual retreat. It's friendly! It's fun! There's beer!

GIN Membership

Every Emory Neuroscience PhD student is invited to participate in GIN events, run for GIN office, or apply to become a student representative on a Neuroscience Program Committee or Graduate Student Council Committee.

GIN Activities

Click here for a list of regularly scheduled GIN-sponsored activities.

GIN Officers (2013 - 2014)

  • Co-Presidents: Kara Kittelberger and Paul Evans
  • Treasurers: Ryan Purcell and Dan Curry
  • Secretary: Amy Luce
  • Recruitment Committee: Kim Lang and Kevin Watkins
  • Frontiers Coordinators: Travis Rotterman and Michael McKinnon
  • ENCORE Coordinators: James Burkett and Laura Jones
  • Executive Committee: Jodi Godfrey and Natty Chalermpalanupap
  • Curriculum Committee: Melanie Pincus and Kevin Watkins
  • Division Student Advisory Council (DSAC) Representative: Kathy Reding
  • Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representatives: Paul Evans and Dan Curry
  • Webmaster: Lukas Hoffmann
  • Newsletter Editors: James Burkett, Tyra Lamar, Don Noble, and Jacob Billings
  • Mascot: James Burkett in a coat of voles