2012-2013 Publications

First Author Papers by Current Students and Recent Grads 2012-2013

This is a sample, not a list of every single paper our students have published.

  • Swanger SA, Bassell GJ. Dendritic protein synthesis in the normal and diseased brain. Neuroscience. Dec 20;232C:106-127 (2012)
  • Udagawa T, Swanger SA*, Takeuchi K, Kim JH, Nalavadi V, Shin J, Lorenz LJ, Zukin RS, Bassell GJ, Richter JD. Bidirectional control of mRNA translation and synaptic plasticity by the cytoplasmic polyadenylation complex. Molecular Cell, Jul 27;47(2):253-66. *equal contribution (2012)
  • Hoffmann LA, Kelly CW, Nicholson DA, Sober SJ. A Lightweight, Headphones-based System for Manipulating Auditory Feedback in Songbirds. J. Vis. Exp. (69), e50027. (2012)
  • Bryant KL, Hackett TA, Suwyn C, Reding KM, Smiley JF, Hackett TA, Preuss TM. Evidence for Ape and Human Specializations in Geniculostriate Projections from VGLUT2 Immunohistochemistry. Brain, Behavior and Evolution 80: 210- 221. (2012)
  • Bowers ME, Choi DC, Ressler KJ. Neuropeptide regulation of fear and anxiety: Implications of cholecystokinin, endogenous opioids, and neuropeptide Y. Physiology & Behavior. (2012)
  • Prudente CN, Pardo-Vilamizar CA, Xiao J, Hanfelt J, Hess EJ, LeDoux MJ, Jinnah HA. Neuropathology of cervical dystonia. Experimental Neurology 241:95-104. (2012)
  • Sanders KW, Boulis N. Herpes simplex virus-based gene therapies for chronic pain. Journal of Pain and Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy 26(3):291-3. (2012)
  • Shepard KN, Kilgard MP, Liu RC. Experience-dependent plasticity and the auditory cortex. In Y.E. Cohen, R.R. Fay and A.N. Popper (Eds.), The Neural Correlates of Auditory Cognition. (2012)
  • Nemeth CL, Shurte MS, McTigue DM, Nemeroff CB, Neigh GN. Microembolism infarcts lead to delayed changes in affective-like behaviors followed by spatial memory impairment. Behav. Brain Res. Oct 1;234(2):259-66. (2012)
  • Pranski EL, Dalal NV, Sanford CV, Herskowitz JH, Gearing M, Lazo C, Miller GW, Lah JJ, Levey AI, Betarbet RS. RING finger protein 11 (RNF11) modulates susceptibility to 6-OHDA-induced nigral degeneration and behavioral deficits through NF-KB signaling in dopaminergic cells. Neurobiol Dis. Jan 11. (2013)
  • Epps SA, Weinshenker D. Rhythm and blues: Animal models of epilepsy and depression comorbidity. Biochemical Pharmacology 2012 Aug 23. (2012)
  • Epps SA, Tabb KD, Lin SJ, Kahn AB, Javors MA, Boss-Williams KA, et al. Seizure susceptibility and epileptogenesis in a rat model of epilepsy and depression co-morbidity. Neuropsychopharmacology 37(13): 2756-2763. (2012)
  • Gonzales KK, Pare JF, Wichmann T, Smith Y. GABAergic inputs from direct and indirect striatal projection neurons onto cholinergic interneurons in the primate putamen. J Comp Neurol. Jan 8. (2013)
  • Keifer Jr OP, Gutman DA, Magnuson M, Majeed W, Keilholz S, Ressler KJ. A DTI Tractography analysis of Infralimbic and Prelimbic Connectivity in the Mouse using High- throughput MRI. Neuroimage. 63(2):800-1. (2012)
  • Kelly MC, Chang Q, Pan A, Lin X, Chen P. Atoh1 directs the formation of sensory mosaics and induces cell proliferation in the postnatal mammalian cochlea in vivo. J Neurosci. May 9;32(19):6699-710. (2012)
  • Mahan AL, Mou L, Shah N, Hu JH, Worley PF, Ressler KJ. Epigenetic modulation of Homer1a transcription regulation in amygdala and hippocampus with pavlovian fear conditioning. J Neurosci. Mar 28;32(13):4651-9. (2012)
  • Mathai A, Wichmann T & Smith Y. "More than meets the eye - Myelinated axons crowd the subthalamic nucleus." Movement Disorders 2013 nov; 28(13):1811-5

Co-Author Papers by Current Students and Recent Grads 2012-2013

This is a sample, not a list of every single paper our students have published.

  • Dean ED, Mexas LM, Capiro NL, McKeon JE, DeLong MR, et al. 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Depletion Does Not Exacerbate MPTP-Induced Dopamine Neuron Damage in Mice. PLoS ONE 7(7): e39227. (2012)
  • Moncrief ND, Lack JB, Maldonado JE, Bryant KL, Edwards CW, Van Den Bussche RA. Lack of Phylogeographic Structure in Two Sympatric, Forest-obligate Squirrels (Sciurus niger and S. carolinensis). Journal of Mammalogy 93: 1247- 1264. (2012)
  • Wilson ME, Bounar S, Godfrey J, Michopoulos V, Higgins M, Sanchez M. Social and emotional predictors of the tempo of puberty in female rhesus monkeys. Psychoneuroendocrinology, Volume 38, Issue 1, Pages 67-83 (2013)
  • Wootz H, FitzSimons-Kantamneni E, Larhammar M, Rotterman TM, Enjin A, André E, van Zundert B, Kullander K, Alvarez FJ. Alteration in motor neuron-Renshaw cell circuits in the SOD1G93A mouse model. Journal of Comparative Neurology. (2012)
  • Dalal NV, Pranski EL, Tansey MG, Lah JJ, Levey AI, Betarbet RS. RNF11 modulates microglia activation through NF-KB signalling cascade. Neurosci Lett 2012 Oct 24;528(2):174-9.
  • Freeman A, Pranski EL, Miller RD, Radmard S, Bernhard D, Jinnah HA, Betarbet R, Rye DB, Sanyal S. Sleep fragmentation and motor restlessness in a Drosophila model of Restless Legs Syndrome. Curr Biol. Jun 19;22(12):1142-8. (2012)
  • Andersen M, Perez Diaz M, Murnane K, Howell L. Effects of methamphetamine self-administration on actigraphy-based sleep parameters in monkeys. Psychopharmacology (Berl). Dec 22. (2012)
  • Lin SJ, Epps SA, West CH, Boss-Williams KA, Weiss JM, Weinshenker D. Operant psychostimulant self-administration in a rat model of depression. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior 103(2): 380-385. (2012)
  • Schroeder J, Epps SA, Grice T, Weinshenker D. The Selective Dopamine b-Hydroxylase Inhibitor Nepicastat Attenuates Multiple Aspects of Cocaine-Seeking Behavior. Neuropsychopharmacology Jan 1. (2013)
  • Smith AL, Freeman SM, Voll RJ, Young LJ, Goodman MM. Carbon-11 N-methyl alkylation of L-368,899 and in vivo PET imaging investigations for neural oxytocin receptors. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry. Oct 29. (2012)
  • Gutman DA, Magnuson M, Majeed W, Keifer Jr OP, Ressler KJ, Davis M, Keilholz S. Structural and Functional Mapping of the Mouse Olfactory System with Manganese-enhanced MRI and Probablistic Tractography. Brain Structure and Function. Epub Ahead of Print. (2012)

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