Fragile X Syndrome: Building a Case for a Treatment Strategy

Dr. Gary J. Bassell, faculty member in BCDB and NS, has published the results of his research in mice as a potential strategy for treating fragile X syndrome in the journal. Dr. Bassell conducted the research with Dr. Christina Gross.

Gross and Bassell collaborated with Dr. Shannon L. Gourley, faculty member in Neuroscience, and Dr. Kenneth H. Moberg, faculty member in BCDB and GMB.

The research results, published April 23 in Cell Reports, suggest that a drug strategy targeting a form of the enzyme PI3 (phosphoinositide-3) kinase could improve learning and behavioral flexibility in people with fragile X syndrome. The PI3 kinase strategy represents an alternative to one based on drugs targeting mGluR5 glutamate receptors, which have had difficulty showing benefits in clinical trials.

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