Cancer Hiding in Your Home? 50 Chemicals Considered Safe Alone Feared Dangerous in Combination

Dr. Rita Nahta, faculty member in CB and MSP, was featured on Yahoo Health about a recent paper she co-authored in Carcinogensis: “The results are not conclusive but suggest that additional basic science research is extremely important to fully understand how common chemicals, to which we are exposed at very low doses, can have a cumulative effect on cellular and molecular processes that may ultimately increase risk of some types of cancer.”

A large team of 174 scientists from 28 countries analyzed published, peer-reviewed papers and determined that average daily exposure to some chemicals in products you come into contact with daily might increase your risk of developing cancer.

The chemicals aren’t bad on their own, per se, but scientists discovered that they may interact with other chemicals that are unavoidable in our environment to produce a reaction that can increase your cancer risk.

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