Sleeping Beauty Syndrome Makes It Hard To Wake Up

Many have heard of insomnia, a condition that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to fall asleep. But fewer may have heard the term hypersomnia. People with Hypersomnia have the opposite problem as those with insomnia: They have a hard time waking up. Researchers are working to understand the cause of hypersomnia to enable them to find a cure.

Neuroscience faculty member, Dr. David Rye, says hypersomnia is much more intense than feeling a little groggy first thing after waking up.

“That feeling of that fog being there isn’t going to go away with a cup of coffee," Dr. Rye said.

Dr. Rye and his colleagues study hypersomnia at the Emory University Sleep Center, where they say they have identified a possible cause in some patients by testing cerebrospinal fluid.

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