Chasing invasive cancer cells and more at #ASCB15

CB graduate student Jessica Konen will be presenting her research at the American Society for Cell Biology meeting in San Diego on December 13. Her research, performed with BCDB and CB faculty member Adam Marcus at Winship Cancer Institute, was the topic of a video that recently won first prize in a contest sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The video’s strength grows out of the footage Konen and Marcus have of cancer cells migrating in culture.

A few Emory-centric highlights from the poster presentations at the 2015 ASCB meeting are listed below:

*Alumna Chelsey Ruppersburg and BCDB and NS faculty member Criss Hartzell’s work on the “nimbus”, a torus-shaped structure enriched in proteins needed to build the cell’s primary cilium

*BCDB and GMB faculty member Anita Corbett on how Emory students have a strong record of attaining their own NIH research funding

*Additional work by Adam Marcus’ lab on the tumor suppressor gene LKB1 and how its loss drives lung cancer cells to take on a “unique amoeboid morphology”

*Research from David Katz’s lab on the “epigenetic eraser” LSD1 (lysine-specific demethylase) and its function in neurons and neurodegeneration. Dr. Katz is a faculty member in the BCDB, GMB, and NS programs.

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