Graft vs host? Target the aurora

Graft-vs-host disease is a common and potentially deadly complication following bone marrow transplants, in which immune cells from the donated bone marrow attack the recipient’s body.

Winship Cancer Institute’s Ned Waller and researchers from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Yerkes National Primate Research Center were part of a recent Science Translational Medicine paper that draws a bright red circle around aurora kinase A as a likely drug target in graft-vs-host disease.

“This study represents the very best of team science: hypothesis-driven, collaborative across multiple institutions, and immediately relevant to clinical patient care,” Waller says. I believe that publication of this paper will rapidly lead to new clinical trials of Aurora kinase inhibitors in patients with blood cell cancers undergoing bone marrow transplantation.”

Dr. Edmund Waller is a faculty member in the CB and IMP programs.

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