Emory researchers featured on LabTV

National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins recently highlighted a video profile of an Emory researcher on the NIH Director’s Blog. Josh Maxwell, PhD, appeared in one of several videos of Emory researchers produced through LabTV.

Maxwell, a postdoctoral fellow in Mike Davis’ lab in Emory’s Health Sciences Research Building, studies regenerative approaches to treating congenital heart problems in children. In the video, he describes how when he was growing up in the Pittsburgh area, he liked catching frogs and snakes, and that Bill Nye (“The science guy”) was one of his heroes. Dr. Davis is a faculty member in the MSP program.

At this point, 16 videos from Emory researchers are available at the LabTV site, and also on YouTube. They come from Davis’ lab and from Malu Tansey’s lab in the Department of Physiology, which explores the intersection of neuroscience and immunology, focusing on neurodegenerative disease. Dr. Tansey is a faculty member in the IMP and NS programs.

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