Lily Yang highlighted as an Emory female inventor

Emory University is home to many brilliant female inventors who have contributed groundbreaking research and innovation to the society at large. From new treatment methods for life-threatening diseases to new accessible techniques for health education, Emory women are helping shape the world in which we live. March is Women’s History Month, and Emory’s Office of Technology Transfer is highlighting Emory female inventors.

CB and MSP faculty member Lily Yang was highlighted:

Lily Yang: The incredible potential of the nanoparticle
Lily Yang, MD, PhD, the Nancy Panoz chair of surgery in cancer research and a member of the Winship Cancer Institute, came to Emory with the goal of exploring the use of nanotechnology to fight disease, with a focus on cancer. She is currently conducting groundbreaking research to develop multifunctional tumor-targeting nanoparticles to detect and identify primary and metastatic tumors. She hopes to further the use of these particles to deliver therapeutic agents to targeted tumors. Though a final treatment method has yet to be produced, Yang’s work shows great promise in revolutionizing cancer treatment.

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