Emory goes all out for March for Science Atlanta

Emory scientists and supporters of science came out in substantial numbers Saturday, April 22, for the March for Science Atlanta in Candler Park.

The organizers have estimated that somewhere around 8,000 people participated in Saturday's march, based on aerial drone footage and Atlanta Police estimates. March organizers, many of whom came from the Emory research community, say they want to continue their advocacy momentum and community-building after the event's success. The web site "Science Marches On" has been set up to present post-march activities.

The Atlanta March for Science was among hundreds of Marches for Science around the world, including the one that got the movement started, in Washington, D.C. The issues that sparked the marches included proposed research funding reductions and open skepticism, contrary to overwhelming scientific consensus, of climate change and vaccines.

IMP graduate and writer/editor Kristina Clark, finance co-chair and neuroscientist Malu Tansey, logistics team, were among the Atlanta organizers.

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