The SEEC network will help extend the geographic coverage of the All of Us program to the southeastern states of Georgia and Florida and will strengthen its reach within underserved communities, including lower-income, Hispanic and Latino, African American, American Indian, and rural communities.

Michael Zwick, PhD, will lead Emory's participation in the SEEC network. He is Assistant Vice President for Research in Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center and Associate Professor of Human Genetics and Pediatrics. Dr. Zwick is also a faculty member in the GMB and PBEE programs. The Emory team includes faculty members from the School of Medicine, including Drs. Arshed Quyyumi, Greg Martin, James Lah, and Andrew Post, in addition to Dr. Alvaro Alonso from the Rollins School of Public Health. Dr. Lah is a faculty member in the NS program.

Emory will obtain informed consent and enroll participants from the state of Georgia in support of the All of Us Research Program. Ongoing engagement of program participants will also be a critical function supported by this award.

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