The scary thing that happens to your body when you don't have your morning coffee

It's not difficult to become reliant on coffee. You're far from alone if you're the kind of person who doesn't feel remotely alive until you've had your morning flat white, and the caffeine buzz kick-starts your day for real.

But what happens when you don't get your daily dose? You might report feeling drowsy, irritable and headache-y if you go without, but according to Michael J. Kuhar, PhD, a professor of neuropharmacology at Emory University in Georgia, USA, there's actually a pretty worrying reason you have this physical reaction to your lack of coffee.

Speaking to, the professor explained that "you’re basically going through withdrawal" in a similar - albeit much milder - way as people who become addicted to drugs suffer extreme withdrawal symptoms when they try to wean themselves off it.

Dr. Kuhar is a faculty member in the MSP and NS programs.

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