Jaeger wins Einstein Fellowship for innovative study of brain circuit function

Emory neuroscientist Dieter Jaeger has won a three-year fellowship from the Einstein Foundation in Berlin to help with his work to understand the cortical dysfunction that results in Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Jaeger is a faculty member in the NS program.

As one of the 2017 visiting Einstein Fellows, Jaeger will teach and conduct research in Berlin. His research with Humboldt University professor Matthew Larkum, who is internationally recognized for his work in cortical imaging, will take him to the Charité, the largest university hospital in Europe.

“The level of detail we are researching is incredibly exciting,” says Jaeger, a biology professor and lead scientist for Emory's Udall Center of Excellence for Parkinson’s Disease Research. “This quality of research also adds to Emory’s ability for international networking and our potential for collaborative grants in the future.”

The focus of Jaeger’s work will be the role of dendrites — the tiny, branched extension of nerve cells — in the cortex in receiving input from the basal ganglia.

NS faculty member Dr. Ronald Calabrese was also mentioned in this story.

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