Focus on antibiotic resistance at ASM Microbe 2018

The ASM Microbe meeting will be at the Georgia World Congress Center from June 7 to June 11. If you are interested in antibiotic resistance, you can learn about how to detect it, how to (possibly) defeat it and how the bacteria fight back.

A host of Emory microbiologists are participating, some of which are GDBBS faculty members:

  • David Weiss lab  Klebsiella. Dr. Weiss is a faculty member in the IMP and MMG programs.
    • MMG graduate student Jessie Wozniak is presenting her research on an isolate of Klebsiella that combines alarming properties.
  • Christine Dunham – toxin-antitoxin/persistence. Dr. Dunham is a faculty member in the BCDB, MMG and MSP programs.
  • Phil Rather lab  Acinetobacter baumannii. Dr. Rather is an MMG faculty member.
    • Poster talk by MMG graduate student Sarah Anderson.
  • Shonna McBride lab  Clostridium difficile. Dr. McBride is a faculty member in the GMB and MMG programs.
  • Cassandra Quave – ethnobotany. Dr. Quave is a faculty member in the MMG and MSP programs.
  • Elizabeth Wright – cryo-EM. Dr. Wright is an MMG faculty member.

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