GDBBS Faculty Receive SOM Research Awards

Breakthrough ideas happen when different disciplines come together and think creatively to solve common problems. To encourage these connections and accelerate the pace of discovery, the SOM Imagine, Innovate and Impact Awards were launched.

Among the awardees of the I3 Wow! Research Awards are:

  • Discovery of Small Molecule Anticancer Immunomodulators: Haian Fu(pharmacology). Dr. Fu is a faculty member in the CB and MSP programs.
  • Mechanisms of Lactococcus-mediated Dampening of Gut, Liver and Cardiac Inflammation: Rheinallt Jones (pediatrics). Dr. Jones is an IMP faculty member.
  • Targeting Oncogenic MET Fusions in Pediatric High-grade Gliomas: Renee Read (pharmacology). Dr. Read is faculty member in the BCDB and CB programs.
  • Understanding Mechanisms of Individual Variation in Antidepressant Response for Precision Medicine: Zhexing Wen (psychiatry and behavioral sciences). Dr. Wen is a NS faculty member.
  • Generation of Clinically Applicable Endothelial Cells Derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: Young-sup Yoon (medicine). Dr. Yoon is an MSP faculty member.

Congratulations to our GDBBS faculty!

Click here to view the full story in the Emory School of Medicine Dean's Letter-Winter Issue.