Mother's milk is OK, even for the in-between babies

In states where Duarte galactosemia was detected by newborn screening, healthcare providers had been making decisions based on their experience and opinions, and some had been telling their patients with Duarte galactosemia to avoid milk, while others had not.

This led to confusion and anxiety among families as well as health care providers, especially as social media grew and enabled more families to find each other and compare stories. Would a build-up of galactose metabolites harm a child’s development? Some said yes, others said no.

In the January 2019 issue of Pediatrics, Judith Fridovich-Keil and her team of collaborators published the results of a study that resolved the puzzle. They found that children with Duarte galactosemia are at no greater risk of many long-term developmental abnormalities than their unaffected siblings, regardless of their exposure to milk as infants.

Tamara Caspary and David Katz, both faculty members in the GMB and NS programs, were also mentioned in this story.

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