Doctoral student brings science to mass audiences

NS doctoral candidate Anzar Abbas led the procession of graduates into the Laney Graduate School’s 2019 diploma ceremony. The honor of being a student marshal represents a culmination of many personal, professional and academic discoveries throughout his life.

The “uninspired teen” turned neuroscientist credits his move to the United States as the pivotal moment in his journey to self-discovery.

Experiences such as an opportunity to study the history of medicine and neuroscience at the University of Oxford awakened Abbas’ intellectual curiosity and prepared him for the major undertaking of pursuing a PhD. In fall 2014, he enrolled in the neuroscience doctoral program at Emory, part of Laney Graduate School’s Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

His research focused on developing pattern-finding algorithms that studied brain activity captured through functional MRI. He notes great satisfaction in contributing to his field and the value that lies in lessons learned while pursuing the research. Throughout the journey, he grew to realize the importance of his total graduate experience.

Abbas’ graduate achievements were numerous, and yet, his experiences were unique. In addition to the relationships developed with his peers and professors, he also developed avenues to explore and translate scientific research in different ways. One specialty was his ability to communicate research to a broad range of audiences through mass media.

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