I3 Venture awards info

Emory is full of fledgling biomedical proto-companies. Some of them are actual corporations with employees, while others are ideas that need a push to get them to that point. Along with the companies highlighted by the Emory Biotech Consulting Club, Dean Sukhatme’s recent announcement of five I3 Venture research awards gives more examples of early stage research projects with commercial potential.

This is the third round of the I3 awards; the first two were Wow! (basic discovery) and Synergy II/Nexus (promoting interdisciplinary collaboration). For the five Venture awards, the Dean’s office is providing a total of $100,000. The companies will then use the momentum to seek larger amounts of funding from various sources. 




Relevant links

Ray Dingledine + Thota Ganesh


EP2 receptor antagonists vs epilepsy, pain, inflammation

New class of potential drugs inhibits inflammation in brain

Mark Goodman, W. Robert Taylor

Microbial Medical

PET imaging agent for detection of bacterial infections

Spoonful of sugar helps infection detection

Carlos Moreno + Christian Larsen


Miniaturized rapid creatinine test for point of care use


Edmund Waller + Taofeek Owonikoko

Cambium Oncology

Enhancing responsiveness of pancreatic cancer to immunotherapy

The Company’s lead compound was effective in animal studies for pancreatic cancer, melanoma, leukemia and lymphoma.

Dr. Dingledine is a faculty member in the MSP and NS programs, both Drs. Ganesh and Taylor are faculty members in the MSP program, Dr. Goodman is a NS faculty member, Dr. Moreno is a faculty member in the CB and GMB programs, Dr. Larsen is an IMP faculty member, and Dr. Waller is faculty member in the CB and IMP programs.

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