Synergy II/Nexus Awards Fund Collaborative Research Linking Health Sciences and Emory College

Emory University’s Woodruff Health Sciences Center (WHSC) and Office of the Provost have announced the recipients of the Synergy II/Nexus Awards, selecting four proposals out of 16 submitted. Funded by the WHSC, Emory School of Medicine, the Office of the Provost, and Emory College of Arts and Sciences (ECAS), the Synergy II/Nexus Awards support collaborative research projects driven by cross-disciplinary cohorts of faculty in both the WHSC and Emory College.

Some GDBBS faculty are among the research communities with winning proposals:

NS faculty member Hillary Rodman, PhD (Emory College of Arts and Sciences) - Emory Sleep Consortium

NS faculty members Gordon Berman, PhD (Emory College of Arts and Sciences), Trisha Kesar, PT, PhD (Emory University School of Medicine), Ilya Nemenman, PhD (Emory College of Arts and Sciences), and Lena Ting, PhD (Emory University School of Medicine) - Mapping the Human “Gaitome”: Automated Analysis of Individual-Specific Walking Patterns in Health and Disease

PBEE faculty members Thomas Gillespie, PhD (Emory College of Arts and Sciences) and Uriel Kitron, MPH, PhD (Emory College of Arts and Sciences and Rollins School of Public Health) - Preparing the U.S. for Climate Change-Induced Infectious Disease Impacts: An Interdisciplinary Research Strategy

Dr. Nemenman is also a PBEE faculty member.

David Stephens, MD, WHSC vice president for research and a faculty member in the IMP and MMG programs, is also mentioned in this story.

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