What Painting With Your Feet Does to Your Brain

Mr. Yendell, 57, is a painter in Hampshire, England. He was born without arms, after his mother was prescribed the drug thalidomide during her pregnancy, which was later found to cause birth defects. Mr. Yendell’s life has been “no different” from that of his able-bodied peers, he has noted on his website, except that he learned to perform everyday tasks with his mouth, chin and feet. That, in turn, seems to have wrought changes in his brain that help illuminate just how flexible young minds are.

The lead author of a study of Mr. Yendell and another foot-painting artist, published in the journal Cell Reports, stated, “If they can change the way the brain is organized, then that would mean that we have the opportunity to change that in others.”

NS faculty member Dr. Catherin Buetefisch is mentioned in this story.

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