Membership in the Program

Full Member

You must be a tenure-track faculty member at Emory University in good standing. You would have full rights and privileges, including the right to serve in any GDBBS function and to act as a dissertation advisor.

Associate Member

You must be a faculty member at Emory University. You would have full rights and privileges of Full Members, except that you may only be a dissertation co-advisor.

Adjunct Member

You must be a faculty or staff member of a non-Emory institution with similar credentials to Full Members. You would have all the rights and privileges of Full Members, except that they may only serve on Emory or GDBBS committees ex officio and they may only serve as dissertation co-advisors.

All dissertation research must be directed by a Full Member, even if the research is being conducted in the laboratory of an Adjunct Member.

Please refer to Part II, Section A of the BCDB Guidelines (PDF) for details of the process. Please also refer to the GDBBS website for helpful documents and forms.

Please refer to Part II, Section B of the BCDB Guidelines (PDF) for details.

Every year, you must submit an Annual Report (DOCX) to the Membership Executive Committee member. You will be evaluated in three categories: Teaching, Research Training, and Administrative. You must display adequacy in at least two of these categories to demonstrate satisfactory participation in the program. If you do not, you will be given suggestions to improve and 12 months in which to increase participation. Otherwise you will be removed from membership, though you may appeal to the Executive Committee. A lapse in membership of more than a year will be treated as a new membership request.


  • Directing, co-directing, or teaching (≥ 10 contact hours) within the last three years in a GDBBS graduate-level course relevant to the BCDB Program and taken by a significant number of BCDB students.

Research Training

  • Membership on thesis committees of students in the program.
  • Attendance at a significant number of student seminars and dissertation defenses.
  • Attendance at relevant faculty research seminars.
  • Writing and grading Qualifying Exam Part I questions.


  • Holding any executive office of the program including Director, Director of Graduate Studies, Executive Committee member, Recruiter, and/or active participation in other program committees.
  • Holding an executive office in the GDBSS or Laney Graduate School (but not within another program), or as an administrator elsewhere at Emory University (e.g. Department Chair).

Participation is also required in recruitment efforts including meals and interviews, and in individual field visits to recruit at academic institutions.

Suggestions for Further Involvement

  • Participation in the Wednesday Advanced Graduate Seminar. This is a perfect forum to become acquainted with BCDB students and to expose them to research problems that they may not be familiar with. Current students have commented on the strength of this aspect of their training, and faculty support can only bolster this impact in a positive way.
  • Contributing questions and grading student responses for the Qualifying Exam Part I. Other research training opportunities include membership on BCDB students' dissertation committees, attendance on other students' dissertation defenses, and attendance of relevant student and faculty research seminars.
  • Participation in the Friday journal club/professionalization workshop/ethics session. Faculty experience is always welcome and helpful for students exploring interesting research, becoming professionals, and navigating ethical quandaries.
  • Teaching a section of the Foundations in BCDB course.
  • Recruitment of new graduate students.