Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO)

The GMB program offers many opportunities for students to gain teaching experience. All GMB students participate in the Laney Graduate School's Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO) Program.

A short course program (TATT 600) is taken at the end of the summer of GMB student's first year. This 2 day short course, which includes students from different graduate programs of the university, introduces students to the conceptual and practical issues of preparing to teach. The program is dynamic with student presentations and preparations.

After completing TATT 600, GMB students participate in one semester of teaching during their graduate tenure. The teaching assignment may be in a lecture course or in an undergraduate laboratory course related to genetics and molecular biology.

In addition to TATTO, there are many other programs at Emory that students can participate in to gain additional teaching experience. These programs are competitive and may provide an additional funding resource to the student.

GMB Outreach for Teaching Science (GOT Science)

The GOT Science volunteer group  is a GMB organized group that strives to educate elementary and middle schoolers in the areas of science. Currently, the main leadership is made up of Shannon Mills, Annie McPherson, and Marko Bajic. GOT is not exclusive to GMB students, anyone from GDBBS can attend, and friends are always welcome.

The goal of GOT Science is to encourage graduate student participation in science-based outreach for the community. This includes organizing field trips to Emory and bringing activities like DNA extractions and the Natural Selection Game to students in and around Atlanta. As scientists, it's important that we are able to communicate our work to a wide variety of audiences. Speaking to students is a great way to practice, and has the added benefits of public speaking in a less intimidating setting, and adding volunteer/teaching activities to help round out a CV.

On Recent Discoveries by Emory Researchers (ORDER) Fellowship

The ORDER program is designed to expose freshman students first hand to the graduate/postdoctoral student experts performing cutting-edge research. ORDER participants develop a 3-week/9 contact hour module to explain their research in a Freshman Seminar Venue. Those selected receive a personal laptop computer to be used for module development and for their own personal use after completion of the course. For students who are supported in a lab, the PI will receive a $5,000 to be applied towards the Fellow's annual stipend.

Laney Graduate School Dean's Teaching Fellowship

The Dean's Teaching Fellowship is designed to support students whose records demonstrate excellence in teaching and who are likely to complete their doctoral degrees in the fellowship year. Each Dean's teaching fellow teaches one course and receives a $18,500 stipend for the academic year.