Program Leadership

Message from the Program Director, Brian Evavold, PhD

Welcome to the graduate Program in Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis (IMP) website. Our students and faculty of the IMP graduate program are members of nine basic science or clinical departments in the School of Medicine, the Winship Cancer Center, Emory Influenza Center, Emory Transplant Center, Emory Vaccine Center as well as Yerkes National Primate Center, the Biology Department of Emory College, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The areas of research represented by IMP provide new insight into disease pathogenesis with a focus on the host innate and adaptive immune response. The research programs of the faculty make use of cutting edge technologies for training and research in autoimmune disease, bacterial pathogenesis, cancer immunity, infectious disease, immunobiology, molecular virology, transplantation, systems biology, and vaccine design. Feel free to contact us with any comments and questions.


Brian Evavold, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies - Pre-qualifying Students

Tracey Lamb, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies - Post-qualifying Students

Larry Boise, PhD

Director of Recruitment

Jacob Kohlmeier, PhD

Executive Committee

John Altman, PhD

Lawrence Boise, PhD

Cheryl Day, PhD

Brian Evavold, PhD

Mandy Ford, PhD

Arash Grakoui, PhD

Joshy Jacob, PhD

Jacob Kohlmeier, PhD

Tracey Lamb, PhD

Sonia Laurie (student representative)

Sean Stowell, MD, PhD

Malu Tansey, PhD

Ifor Williams, MD, PhD