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Welcome From the Director

Goldberg, Joanna

Joanna Goldberg, PhD

Welcome to the MMG program at Emory!  Our training faculty are diverse in their research interests in the disciplines of bacteriology and virology, with special interests in the molecular biology and genetics of bacteria and viruses, mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis, basic principles of microbial physiology, and viral replication.  Our students perform cutting edge research in these and other areas, and take advantage of the numerous collaborations available through entities, such as, the Emory Antibiotic Resistance Center, Emory Vaccine Center, and Center for Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance, as well as, joint projects with colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control.   At the intersection of our faculty and students, you’ll find a fantastic training environment in which students and faculty are working together to learn and test the limits of microbiology and molecular genetic research.  I encourage you to explore our site for more information.


Joanna Goldberg, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies

Charlie Moran, PhD

Recruitment Committee

Anice Lowen, PhD (Head Recruiter)
Graeme Conn, PhD
Shonna McBride, PhD
Bernardo Mainou, PhD

Executive Committee

Graeme Conn, PhD (Recruitment Committee)
Joanna Goldberg, PhD (Director)
Bo Liang, PhD (At-Large Member)
Anice Lowen, PhD (Head Recruiter)
Shonna McBride, PhD (Recruitment Committee)
Bernardo Mainou, PhD (Recruitment Committee)
Charlie Moran, PhD (Director of Graduate Studies)
Cassy Quave, PhD (Seminar Director)
John Steel, PhD (Web Advisory Representative/Social Media)
Dave Steinhauer, PhD (At-Large Member)
David Weiss, PhD (At-Large Member)
Jens Wrammert, PhD (Seminar Director)
Liz Wright, PhD (Curriculum Review Chair)
Sarah Anderson (Student Representative)