Student Involvement

Graduates in Neuroscience (GIN)

Graduates in Neuroscience, GIN, is a student-run organization comprised of the students in the Emory Neuroscience Graduate Program. Our aims are to promote neuroscience and build a sense of community, all the while enjoying ourselves - whether playing paintball, teaching neuroscience to elementary school kids, hosting a lecturer, or rafting at the annual retreat. It's friendly! It's fun! There's beer!

Every Emory Neuroscience PhD student is invited to participate in GIN events, run for GIN office, or apply to become a student representative on a Neuroscience Program Committee or Graduate Student Council Committee.

GIN Activities

Annual Neuroscience Retreat

At this event, held in the beautiful surrounding of Callaway Gardens, Neuroscience faculty and students get together to discuss issues of importance and have a blast, all in the same weekend. Morning talks are followed by afternoon volleyball, Randy Hall's fabulous trivia contest, and a GIN-hosted party that usually lasts deep into the night. Faculty members have been known to demonstrate amazing breakdancing abilities at this party, so it is an event not to miss.

Frontiers in Neuroscience

The weekly Frontiers in Neuroscience seminar series occurs during both Fall and Spring semesters. This seminar series features speakers within the Emory community as well as external speakers that are invited by students. This event is open to the Emory community and is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the breadth of research that occurs within the field of neuroscience.

ENCORE (Emory Neuroscience Candidates' Ongoing REsearch)

Once a month during the academic year, senior neuroscience students from the diverse disciplines within Emory have the opportunity to present their exciting research findings. Talks are 20 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions. GIN provides snacks and beverages to all attendees to facilitate a relaxed atmosphere for the seminar.

GIN Mixers

Several times a semester, GIN hosts mixers where neuroscience students can socialize while enjoying excellent beer and tons of snacks.

Brain Awareness Campaign

GIN supports the Atlanta-area campaign to raise public awareness about the value of neuroscience research by teaching lessons at local elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, and by serving as organizers or judges for neuroscience-themed high school competitions. Graduate students visit schools year-round, and GIN organizes special trips to visit schools during March as part of Brain Awareness Week.

Undergraduate Mentors Program

There is an undergraduate Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology program at Emory, and in the past GIN has been involved in matching NBB undergraduates with Neuroscience PhD students for mentoring and research opportunities.

GIN Officers (2019 - 2020)

  • Co-presidents: Erin King & Mallika Halder
  • Treasurers: Jess Root & Meghna Ravi 
  • Secretary: Trisha Lala
  • Peer Liaisons: Stephanie Pollitt & Michelle Sequeira
  • Central Sulcus Newsletter Editor-in-Chief: Kristie Garza
  • Executive Committee Representatives: Andrea Pack & Esra Sefik
  • Recruitment Committee Representatives: Alejandro Lopez, Jess Root & Ellen Woon
  • Curriculum Committee Representatives: Neeti Mehta & Meghan Wynn
  • Neuroscience Awards Committee Representatives: Alejandro Lopez & Liz Heaton
  • Frontiers Coordinators: Kun Lin, Kayla Peelman & Michael Kelberman
  • ENCORE Coordinators: Zeena Ammar & Ashlyn Johnson
  • Division Student Advisory Council (DSAC) Representative: Stephanie Foster
  • Webmaster: Kim Lang (

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