BCDB Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Committee


The BCDB DE&I committee will foster a more inclusive, more equitable environment for our diverse students and faculty, which will enhance success of graduate studies and academic careers.


The BCDB DE&I committee is formed by students and faculty who will work together to create systemic change within the program (as well as in GDBBS and LGS) to generate a more inclusive, and more equitable environment that support success of both students and faculty, especially if they identify as a member of a group historically underrepresented in the sciences and academia.


  • Improve student and faculty awareness of diversity issues
    • Annual climate survey to adjust/set action items
    • DEI workshop to increase awareness of DEI issues
  • Change policies that perpetuate systemic injustice in academia
    • Review BCDB policy to include diverse students
    • Incident report
  • Improve inclusion and support for diverse students and faculty
    • Diversity statement for new BCDB faculty appointment
    • Social event to gather diverse students and faculty
    • Support for diverse faculty hires

Emory DEI Resources

Emory Incident Report

Useful Links

Invitation to DEI Committee

BCDB DEI committee is open for all BCDB faculty and students at any time! Please join us. We also welcome anyone from the Emory community who would like to collaborate or share DEI-related ideas to join us for a meeting.

Contact our faculty leader Jennifer Kwong (jennifer.kwong@emory.edu) to join the committee. You can also contact DEI President Jordan Goldy (jordan.nelson@emory.edu) with any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!