Frequently Asked Questions

5.9 years

Approximately 140.

Generally 7-10 students each year.

Approximately 20-25 candidates each year.

We have one recruiting weekend on campus in February that starts late afternoon on a Thursday and continues through Friday night with departure on Saturday. For international applicants only, we conduct interviews via Skype.

There are currently 46 training faculty within the BCDB program, from 12 different academic departments, but you can choose to do your dissertation research with any of the faculty members in the GDBBS, that includes >300 faculty members.

$31,000 plus health insurance and a $500 transition award for incoming students to help with expenses for starting graduate school. Tuition fees are completely covered. Stipends and health care coverage are guaranteed as long as you are a student in the program.

For the 2019-2020 academic year the stipend for students in GDBBS programs is $31,775.

Our graduates are highly competitive and have been successful in securing positions and launching careers as academic professors (with research or teaching as a primary focus), government or industry research positions, scientific writing, public policy advocacy, or a wide variety of related positions. We maintain a list of alumni outcomes list of alumni outcomes.