The Laney Graduate School has organized the Jones Program in Ethics to bring foundational, cross-disciplinary discussion of ethics in research, training, and your future career. The program consists of three components:

  • A 6-hour core ethics seminar (JPE 600) taken by all LGS students
  • Choice of four regular topical workshops (JPE 610) offered over the course of your graduate training.
  • BCDB ethics seminar

BCDB Ethics Seminar

The BCDB Program requires all first- and second-year students to attend monthly ethics seminars and discussions. Students in later years are required to attend two every year but are encouraged to attend more and contribute their advice and experiences to the younger students. Topics covered include:

  • Data acquisition, management, sharing, and ownership
  • Conflict of interest and commitment
  • Human subjects
  • Animal welfare
  • Research misconduct
  • Publication practices and responsible authorship
  • Mentor/trainee rights and responsibilities
  • Peer review and privileged information
  • Collaborative science

Ethics Resources