Entrance Requirements

Cancer Biology 4+1

The Cancer Biology 4+1 Master’s Degree program is open to Emory undergraduate seniors with a strong background in science.

Students should apply during their junior year.

Prerequisites for the program:

•    1 year Foundations of Modern Biology I/II (Bio 141/142) with labs

•    1 upper-level biology course (cell and molecular area):

o    Bio 223 Developmental Biology

o    Bio 250 Cell Biology

o    Bio 264 Human Genetics

o    Bio 415 Cancer Biology and Oncogenes

•    1 semester of Organic Chemistry (Chem 221 or Chem 203) with lab 

•    1 semester each of math, physics, and statistics (Math 107 or QTM 100)

•    1 semester of biochemistry, taken as either Bio 301 or Chem 301. This can be completed during the senior year.

•    Prior research experience is an advantage but is not required.

Interested students who have not completed all of the above requirements are encouraged to contact the program to discuss possible options.

A note about the cost of the program:
Students in the Cancer Biology and Translational Oncology 4+1 Masters Program pay tuition to the Laney Graduate School during their '+1' year. There is no additional costs to the students during their senior year in Emory College. Information about the cost of the program can be found on the Financial Information page.