Financial Information

What does the program cost?

For students entering the Graduate School portion of the program in the Fall 2017 semester, the tuition for completing the 4+1 program is estimated at $1,250 for summer 2017, and then $19,900 for fall tuition and $19,900 for spring tuition during 2017-18. The exact tution costs for students entering the Laney Graduate School (LGS) in Fall 2017 have not yet  been set.  View tuition information on the LGS website.

Students pay regular tuition rates in Emory College for their senior year. There are no additional fees for the graduate courses taken during the student’s senior year in Emory College.

Currently there are no scholarships offered for the program. There are several possible external sources of financial support for students seeking advanced degrees, and we encourage all applicants to look into these.