Program Overview

4+1 Masters Program in Cancer Biology

Program Goals

The major goal of the 4+1 BS-MS dual degree program is to provide outstanding graduate-level training for future leaders in the different aspects of cancer research in preparation for a diversity of career paths in research, teaching, and medicine, from academia to industry.

Learning objectives

At the completion of their training students will:

•    demonstrate broad knowledge of cancer biology and a mastery of the literature and a deep understanding of major questions in their chosen area of cancer research;

•    design and conduct hypothesis-driven research using state-of-the-art techniques that results in significant scholarly advances;

•    be able to critically interpret the scientific literature and use effective written and oral communication to present their scientific discoveries.

Who is this for?

This program aims to train and help launch the careers of the next generation of cancer scientists and oncologists. All applicants must be current Emory College students.

What can you do with a MS degree in cancer biology?

The training provided in our 4+1 program prepares students for a variety of careers in which analytical and discovery thinking skills and laboratory experience will be valuable assets. When students leave the program, they will have the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in advanced analysis and problem solving for cancer-related careers as physician-scientists or in work settings including medical and academic research, translational research, clinical oncology, teaching, government health agencies, nonprofits, patent law, science journalism, and private industry.

Additional Information

The 4+1 program is part of a larger organization, the Cancer Biology Program, which itself is part of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (GDBBS).  The GDBBS is one of several graduate training programs within the Laney Graduate School at Emory

You can learn more about the PhD program in Cancer Biology and view details of the 4+1 program in the Cancer Biology grauate training guidelines.