Neuroscience Graduate Program at Emory University

About the Program

Neuroscience research at Emory has grown dramatically in the last decade with the recruitment of many renowned scientists. The broad spectrum of research expertise in cellular, molecular, behavioral, developmental, and systems neuroscience provides our students a unique environment in which to pursue their graduate education. The program includes over 120 neuroscientists drawn from 22 University and Medical School departments, the Emory National Primate Research Center, as well as collaborators from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Many faculty come from the departments of Pharmacology (ranked #1 university in the world by "The Scientist" magazine for impact in pharmacology and toxicology research), Neurology (ranked 3rd nationally in total NIH funding), Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (ranked 9th nationally in total research funding), and Rehabilitation Medicine (ranked 4th nationally in total NIH funding). Thus, our program provides access to excellent labs focused on a wide variety of specialties within neuroscience.

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