Program Leadership

Welcome from the Director

Emory’s graduate program in Neuroscience (NS) combines instruction in professional development with multidisciplinary scientific training to promote a successful career in neuroscience. Research training in the NS Program spans multiple domains of scientific inquiry, and most faculty undertake projects that transcend individual categories.

Robert Liu

NS faculty research areas of inquiry

Drawn from over 20 separate departments and centers, NS faculty research efforts can be broadly separated into the following areas of inquiry:

On behalf of our collegial and highly-engaged academic community, I welcome you to learn more about our program through this web portal.

Program Leadership

Robert Liu, PhD, Professor, Biology

Director of Graduate Studies:
Year 1-2, John R. Hepler, PhD, Professor, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
Year 3+, Shannon Gourley, PhD, Associate Professor, Pediatrics

Director of Recruitment:
Malavika Murugan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biology
Ellen Hess, PhD, Professor, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
Andrew Escayg, PhD, Professor, Human Genetics

MD/PhD Liaison:
Steven Sloan, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Human Genetics

Program Administrator:
Rosalyn Lightfoot

Executive Committee:

Robert Liu - Program Director, Biology

Gordon Berman - Biology

Michael Borich - Rehabilitation Medicine

Negar Fani - Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Jennifer Felger - Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Candace Fleischer - Radiology

Shannon Gourley - Pediatrics

John Hepler - Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Ellen Hess - Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

David Katz - Cell Biology

Malavika Muragan - Biology

Stella Papa - Neurology

Astrid Prinz - Biology

Leah Roesch - Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Matthew Rowan - Cell Biology

Timothy Sampson - Physiology

Sarah Shultz - Pediatrics

Steven Sloan - Human Genetics

Yoland Smith - Neurology

Sam Sober - Biology

Jennifer Stevens - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Jarildy Javier

Katelyn Oliver

GIN Presidents

Jennifer Isaac

Yasmine Bassil

NS Committees

Co-Chairs: Malavika Murugan, Ellen Hess, Andrew Escayg

Members: Jimena Andersen, Anita Devineni, Alan Emanuel, Madeleine Hackney, Trisha Kesar, Opal Ousley, Chris Rodgers, Steven Sloan, Yoland Smith

Student Members: Olufisayo Aloba, Viviana Valentin, Mari Rocha

Sarah Shultz (Chair), David Weinshenker, Jie Jiang, Anita Devineni

Chair: Jennifer Felger 

DEI Liaison: Leah Roesch

Members: Francisco Alvarez, Matt Rowan, Yoland Smith

Student Member: Aiden Ford

Fall: Timothy Sampson, Steven Sloan

Spring: Adriana Galvan, Joe Nocera

Matt Rowan (Chair), Hymavathy Balasubramanian

Astrid Prinz (Chair), Timothy Sampson, Vasiliki Michopoulos

Annie Goetemoeller, Jennifer Isaac

Student Co-Chairs: Camille Trautman, Saahj Gosrani

Student Members: Fisayo Aloba, Eli Chlan, Saahj Gosrani, Elizabeth Heaton, Alishah Lakhani, Maxine Robinette, Mari Rocha, Jessica Root, Juliet Santiago, Michelle Sequeira, Camille Trautman

Faculty Representatives: Trisha Kesar, Yoland Smith

Faculty Liaisons: Negar Fani, Leah Roesch, Jennifer Stevens