Research Overview

Excellence in Research

Our Core Facilities are state-of-the art resources that provide training, equipment, and outsourcing for diverse needs such as functional imaging, gene sequencing and transgenics, microarray analysis, animal behavior, tissue banking, and advanced microscopy. Such resources allow our students to efficiently integrate multiple disciplines to produce innovative findings.

We also have a High Performance Computing Cluster for running complex neural simulations and bioinformatics algorithms.

A strong research environment enables our students to become confident, skilled investigators; typically a student will have 2-4 publications at graduation in addition to other honors and awards. Our students also compete very well for research funding. In 2015, Emory ranked first in the U.S. for students with NIH predoctoral fellowships with 50, 13 of which were held by Emory neuroscience students.

To date, the program has produced over 200 alumni, and those that have chosen to stay in research have obtained excellent postdoctoral positions to pursue further training, as well as tenure-track faculty appointments. Our alumni compete very well for jobs in academia, industry, and research institutes.