New Student Guide

Important information

Before You Arrive

For most questions, feel free to contact our Neuroscience Program Administrator Rosalyn Lightfoot.

  • Before you arrive at Emory, there are a few details you need to take care of that might not be mentioned in the orientation literature. This page is designed to help you with issues that arise when you are far away, or have just arrived in Atlanta and don't know what to do with yourself before the semester has started. This list is not categorical - if you have any concerns or questions at all, ask someone!
  • You will also be assigned a Neurobuddy (student mentor) over the summer, who can answer questions about the area, housing, classes, setting up your first rotation, etc. Exhaust this person with questions.
  • Students are expected to arrive on campus by August 15th for Laney Graduate School orientation. As long as students have completed the required paperwork by the deadline date, the LGS will also start paying their stipend starting August 15th, with the first check issued at the end of Augues for those two weeks, rather than the end of September when students receive their first regular stipend check. The payment at the end of August is an extra two weeks of stipend, over and above the yearly amount students will be paid during the academica year. Health insurance coverage also begins on August 15th.
  • If you've arrived in Atlanta and feel a little socially isolated, use the current student list to call some of the students you 'clicked with' during interviews. Although they conduct research in the summer, it shouldn't be too hard to find someone interested in showing you around. Also, don't forget about your incoming peers!

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