Student Testimonials

"PBEE had the flexibility to allow me to pursue my interests in many different areas and find an advisor who was a perfect match for me. This gave me the background and independence necessary to develop a coherent body of research. I have carried this research on into my postdoctoral fellowship and will continue to develop it for years to come."
Sarah, PBEE Alumni

"PBEE is one of the most unique graduate programs out there due to its diversity and broad array of opportunities. By studying the evolution of HIV in an immunology laboratory, I learned both quantitative methods in population biology and immunology and cell biology in the context of ecology and evolution. These skills have been invaluable in my career at CDC because I have been able to understand both the big picture and the intricate details of specific pathogens and their ecology."
Linda, PBEE Alumni

"My favorite thing about PBEE is its diversity. It is an interdisciplinary program that provides students the opportunity to study evolution from many perspectives, be it mathematical or experimental. There is a home here for students interested in molecular biology to community ecology, from vertebrates to bacteria, and from genetic disease to infectious ones. It is a great place to study the many faces of evolution!"
Alaine, PBEE Alumni

"PBEE excels in the variety of research performed by both students and faculty. That breadth is also a testament to the incredible resources that can be utilized. How many other programs would allow students to conduct field ecology projects in Africa during summer?"
Neil, PBEE Alumni

"The resources that we have available to us [at PBEE] are really great. The labs are well equipped to do lots of different projects. And having the CDC so close is good for getting strains, opinions on projects from a different, more of a public health point of view, etc."
Karyn, PBEE Alumni

"The program has an excellent seminar series. Emory's facilities are great, and the stipend is swell. If you want to do research at the CDC, our program makes it about as easy as it is going to get."
Sean, PBEE Alumni

"I am impressed by Friday seminar both the variety of topic selections and array of speakers, serving as experts in their respective disciplines that are invited by students and faculty of the program. I am impressed by the PBEE student body. As a newcomer, it is quite obvious that the existing "veteran" students of PBEE have a real genuine interest to assist the new folks of the program in making them feel welcome and guide them in finding their niche and the means to success."
Michele, PBEE Student

"I had no idea how much I would love PBEE until recruitment weekend. I was not only impressed with the diversity of professors and research but also the curiosity and friendliness of students. Since joining the program I have had the opportunity to meet and discuss common interests with PBEE professors and collaborators from around the world. Additionally, fellow students in the program are always eager to discuss research and grants and provide general guidance over a few beers."
Lynn, PBEE Alumni

"I started PBEE with a dream project in mind: I wanted to elucidate the evolution of the bacterium that causes syphilis and learn about the circumstances surrounding its origin. With unwavering support from the faculty here, I was able to find a lab in which to do this project, write applications for and obtain fellowships and grants, and turn this dream into my dissertation. Emory's proximity to the Centers for Disease Control proved invaluable in obtaining research samples and forging new collaborations, and the interdisciplinary nature of PBEE enabled me to construct a project that drew both on anthropological and microbiological approaches. As I prepare to finish my dissertation and leave Emory, I realize that even more than the material I learned in classes, I value the independence and critical thinking that PBEE both fosters and demands."
Kristin, PBEE Alumni

"Students in the PBEE program are given the freedom to grow and develop their many interests. Student projects often bridge many different scientific fields and all the unique research opportunities that only Emory has to offer, mainly the Center for Disease Control and the Yerkes Primate Center.

There are numerous opportunities for collaboration with other labs and scientific advice from professors, students and post docs. Day to day this friendly atmosphere means that whenever you need help with a concept or want to discuss a topic or just want company for lunch there is always someone around.

PBEE provides an opportunity to explore the field of infectious disease and molecular ecology from a unique perspective. Much of the work done in the department is at the intersection of experimental evolution, epidemiology, microbiology, mathematical disease modeling and molecular evolution. The training in all of these fields and the ability to think in the translation of science across many fields is at the very basis of this program. It is designed to train an inquisitive scientist who is committed to exploring interesting questions reducing it down to the most basic genetics while all the time maintaining a big picture mindset.

The program actively encourages students to see themselves at the forefront of science; therefore most student thesis projects are conceived of and created by the student. No one is handed a project but expected to create a project that is not only interesting to them but also moves this new field forward. From your very first semester here you are treated like a future colleague and actively engaged in scientific discussions whether in classes, informal journal clubs or just sitting in the people's room."
Ellie, PBEE Alumni

"One distinct feature of this program that I really appreciate is the laboratory rotations. This was unique at the time I started my graduate degree for a population biology and evolution program, and it helped me try out different areas of research and different advisors. As a result, I chose the best research path and mentor for my interests. Also, Emory has a lot of opportunities for working with adjunct faculty in different departments and organizations."
Karoun, PBEE Alumni