Prospective Students

Many current advances in the study of many natural populations, including human-associated diseases, are rooted in the foundations of ecology and evolution. The PBEE program provides training in the methods necessary to address complex questions through ecological and evolutionary approaches. Students take core courses in quantitative methods, ecology, evolution and population genetics in order to develop a foundation from which to focus their own research trajectory.

Our faculty and students work on diverse systems and use a combination of theoretical and experimental approaches. We work at computers, at lab benches and at field sites around the world. Please visit the Faculty Research pages and the Areas of Inquiry descriptions to learn more about the PBEE program and our research. Please visit the Admissions page for information about how to apply.

There are a number of training grants at Emory that support PBEE students. For more information, please visit the individal training program sites listed below:

Initiative to Maximize Student Development

Antimicrobial Resistance and Therapeutic Discovery Training Program

Molecules to Mankind Doctoral Pathway