Program Teaching


Because teaching is an integral part of academic research, all Emory students are required to be involved in the Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity Program (TATTO) administered by the Graduate School.

After a brief summer workshop (usually before the second year), students are assigned by the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences to assist a faculty member as a lecturer, laboratory instructor or discussion leader for one semester. The Graduate Division offers additional TATTO courses, as well as additional teaching opportunities.

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Seminars hosted by a variety of programs and departments are given by invited speakers throughout the academic year. Students are encouraged to participate in the scientific discussions and, when possible, arrangements are made for students to meet with guest speakers. In addition to the numerous seminars, other opportunities to participate in scientific discussions include journal clubs, data clubs, and yearly student-organized and run Cancer Biology and GDBBS symposia. Attendance and participation at the WCI Scientific Symposium is mandatory for all Cancer Biology students and attendance at the annual GDBBS symposium is very strongly encouraged. The Cancer Biology program also supports a student run journal club; attendance is encouraged for all Cancer Biology students and faculty and is required for first-year students. These activities are not eligible for formal credit, but add to a well-rounded graduate education and should be seen as an opportunity to learn about work in other fields.