Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Committee Goals

The goal of the MMG DEI committee is to promote an inclusive, equitable, and safe environment where members of the MMG community feel respected and heard​. To accomplish this, the MMG DEI committee works to ensure equal opportunity and access to resources to all members of the MMG community​, encourage responsibility and accountability for acquiring knowledge on societal inequalities​, and support teaching and scholarly pursuit that strengthen diversity and inclusion​. The MMG committee also serves as a resource to connect members of the community with programs, workshops, and opportunities to learn about and advance equity and inclusion for all, both within the MMG community and Emory as a whole. 

Members and Contact

DEI committee meetings occur monthly and are open to members of the MMG community. We welcome you to share your perspective, questions, comments, and/or concerns, or feel free to contact members of the DEI committee directly.   

Faculty Representatives:

Seema Lakdawala, PhD -seema.s.lakdawala@emory.edu

Student Representatives:  

Justin Luu - justin.luu@emory.edu

Sushma Timalsina - sushma.timalsina@emory.edu

Committee Members:

Antonios Athanasiadis - antonis.athanasiadis@emory.edu

Stephanie Guerra - stephanie.guerra@emory.edu

Megan Martinez - megan.martinez@emory.edu

Ayana Paul - ayana.paul@emory.edu

Anayancy Ramos - anayancy.ramos.facio@emory.edu