Forms and Documents

Student Guidelines to Forms for Documenting Progress (PDF)
This table provides a holistic overview of the various forms that students must submit in order to maintain satisfactory academic progress and graduate on time. Students should reference this document every academic year, complete the action items listed for that year, and contact their Program Administrator or Director of Graduate Studies with questions or concerns.

MMG Student Timeline (PDF)
This table provides additional details about a typical student timeline in the MMG program. Students should meet the requirements on time and turn in any related paperwork promptly to the Program Administrator. The MMG Handbook provides additional, pertinent details for each milestone.

Forming a Committee
LGS Dissertation Committee Instructions and Forms
(Note: for Laney Graduate School forms, "DGS / Director" is the Program Director, not the DGS)

Committee Meetings
MMG Dissertation Committee Meeting Slides (PPTX)
MMG Dissertation Committee Meeting Form (DOCX)

Professional Development Support
Students should visit Professional Development Support (PDS) Funds for guidelines on how to apply for PDS funds from the Laney Graduate School. In addition to the Laney Graduate School requirements,  the Graduate Division requires that students present their work at the conference in order to be eligible for funds. Students should read all of the information so they understand the policies and procedures.  

For more information see:
Laney Graduate School Travel Info
Registering for International Travel
Laney Graduate Student Council (offers some student travel grants)

Wellness and Support Resources
This guide provides an overview of services and resources available to Emory students related to health, wellness, and a variety of individual needs.

Academic Support Resources
This guide is designed to help students, faculty members, and staff identify supportive resources to assist students with their academics.

Emory University Student Hardship Fund

LGS Emergency Loan Application Form

LGS Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, and Parental Accommodation Forms