The PBEE application and admissions process is designed to give us the opportunity to get to know you as well as for you to get to know our program, our students, our faculty, and the vibrancy of Atlanta.

Overall, we are looking for students who demonstrate ongoing development as critical, creative, intelligent scientists. It is important to us that students' research interests align well with ongoing research in one or more laboratories in the program. As such, we strongly encourage you to investigate the research programs of our faculty before applying.

Unlike some programs that you may be considering, Emory's PBEE program involves rotations in one to three laboratories prior to joining a lab. This gives students the opportunity to learn new research techniques and be exposed to an array of research questions before settling into a lab. While you do not need to apply to work with a single researcher, it is important for you to contact potential mentors and get to know their work. Conversations about research prior to applying will help you confirm that Emory is a good fit for your interests and tend to lead to a more focused application that allows us to envision how you would fit into the program.

Once you apply, your application will be reviewed by the PBEE Executive Committee with input from all faculty. Select candidates will be invited to attend an interview weekend, paid for by the program, where you will have the opportunity to meet students, faculty, and Atlanta in person.

We encourage you to take some time to look through this website to learn more about our program.

Details of the application process are available on the Apply to PBEE page.

PBEE Brochure (PDF)