Resources Overview

Winship Cancer Institute Building

Scientific Focus Groups and Seminars

Each Winship Cancer Institute research group hosts a monthly seminar series in which Emory faculty and leaders in cancer research from various institutions present their novel findings. In addition, the Winship Cancer Institute hosts the weekly Elkin Cancer Biology Seminar series.

Yearly Symposia

The Winship Cancer Institute also sponsors a yearly symposium; in that symposium, various research focus groups sponsor scientists of international stature. An important component is a career development seminar. Members within the Winship Cancer Institute also host the annual Jean Sindab Triple Negative Breast Cancer Symposium. In addition, various cancer-related seminars are presented on a weekly basis throughout the School of Medicine, the various GDBBS programs, and departments at Emory University.

Shared Resource Labs

The Winship Cancer Institute has various on-site shared resource labs, such as the bioinformatics, imaging, biomarkers, and transgenic cores. In addition, the Winship Cancer Institute actively participates in drug development and clinical trials, facilitating bench to bedside translational research.