The goal and philosophy of Genetics & Molecular Biology (GMB) graduate training program is to provide the best training in a core area of genetics and molecular biology while at the same time providing broad-based training in the related disciplines of biochemistry, cell biology, statistics, and bioinformatics. To provide the basis for advanced research, introductory courses covering both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems are taken in the first year.

All courses emphasize critical thinking, constructive literature evaluation, and presentation skills. After completing the first year, students tailor their curriculum from a large list of specialized courses in genetics and molecular biology, as well as other areas of current biological sciences.Seminar courses occurring each semester focus on current topics in genetics and molecular biology and are presented by investigators within and outside of Emory.

In addition to coursework, first-year students participate in eight-week research rotations in faculty laboratories of their choice. These rotations provide the basis for selecting the area of genetics in which the student will become an expert. 

We also believe that strong presentation and communication skills are critical to becoming a top-notch scientist. As such, GMB students present periodic progress reports on their own research to the assembled program. This combined training is designed to allow students to develop into scientific leaders in the 21st century.

Student invited speakers, small group teaching experiences, and training in the ethical conduct of research round out the overall list of activities that occur as students conduct research and prepare their dissertation.