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Student Spotlight: Meet Yemko Pryor

Yemko Pryor

Laney Graduate School Genetics and Molecular Biology PhD candidate Yemko Pryor is the only student in her program who is in the Department of Anthropology. Working in Assistant Professor John Lindo’s ancient DNA lab in the field of biological anthropology, Pryor is studying the evolutionary histories of indigenous populations in South America, specifically those living in or near the Andes.

“I didn’t think I’d be in anthropology, but recently discovered biological anthropology and it fit in line with my history and science interests. I’ve been able to fit a genetics perspective into my program outside of a medical/health standpoint, which is very different,” said Pryor, who is working toward a May 2025 graduation.

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Binta Jalloh Wins Award at 2017 SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Conference

Binta Jalloh in the lab

Congratulations to Binta Jalloh, GMB 4th Year, on being a recipient of the Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award at SACNAS 2017!

The title of her presentation was Loss of an evolutionarily conserved RNA binding protein, linked to human intellectual disability alters N6-Methyladenosine RNA methylation and splicing of sex lethal."

Brittany Phillips at Cold Spring Harbor Meeting

Brittany Phillips

Brittany Phillips was chosen to give a talk at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Eukaryotic mRNA Processing meeting in August 2017. Her talk was titled, Post-transcriptional regulation of the Pabpn1 gene by HuR: Functional implications for muscular dystrophy.