Genetics Predoctoral Training Program

The Genetics Predoctoral Training Program (GPTP) is a NIGMS-funded T32 program that supports students as they develop their technical, operational and professional skills to succeed in their desired career in the biomedical workforce. Training-grant eligible students from the Genetics and Molecular Biology (GMB) graduate program apply and are appointed for 2 years (G2 and G3) before becoming GPTP affiliates (G4 and above). In addition to the GMB curriculum, GPTP appointees and affiliates take part in activities to enrich their training experience (see graphic below). These include participation in the Becoming A Resilient Scientist program, the Career Exploration series of workshops and one-on-one professional coaching. The training program uses an annual milestone assessment tool (MAT) and individual development plan (IDP) along with an annual reflection meeting between the student and mentor to create a student-centric, tailored and flexible training plan for each student. The individualized training plans leverage the broad assortment of career development sessions afforded to students at Emory, and encourages an internship. These plans are augmented by informal mentoring with both peer and informal faculty mentors. Appointments include stipend support, but the program’s activities are available to all GMB students regardless of appointment status, provided the student’s mentor participates. For further information, please contact the program director, Tamara Caspary, or the program administrator, Ertha Sinclair.

Application Requirements and Process

(Deadline: Noon, June 20, 2024)

Overview of Application Process

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