Past Faculty Spotlights

Jerry Boss

Spring 2015

GMB faculty member, Dr. Jerry Boss, recently published two papers with GMB students, Ben Barwick and Wes Austin. Click the links below to read the full articles:

Scharer, C.D., Barwick, B.G., Youngblood, B.A., Ahmed, R., and Boss, J.M. 2013. Global DNA Methylation Remodeling Accompanies CD8 T Cell Effector Function. Journal of Immunology 191: 3419-3429. PMID: 23956425. PMCID PMC3800465. Manuscript Featured in “In This Issue” section.

Lu, P., Youngblood, B., Austin, J.W., Rasheed-Mohammad, A. U., Butler, R., Ahmed, R., and Boss, J.M. 2014. Blimp-1 represses CD8 T cell expression of PD-1 using a feed-forward transcriptional circuit during acute viral infection. Journal of Experimental Medicine 211: 515-527. PMID: 24590765. PMCID PMC3949569.