DSAC Student Research Symposium

Hosted by the Division Student Advisory Council (DSAC) to showcase GDBBS student research

The 18th Annual DSAC Student Research Symposium took place virtually on February 24-26, 2021. 


Click here to download the full program.

The presentation winners this year were:

ICI Image Contest Winners

1st Place: "Tails from the Crypt," Lauren Askew, Jones Lab, BCDB

2nd Place: "Travelling Messenger (RNA)," Kun Lin

Runners Up:

"This Must Be the Place (Native Innervation)," Chad Camp, Traynelis Lab, MSP

"Blood Bath," Tala Khatib, Marcus Lab, BCDB

"Blue Tiger," Dominick Hellen, GMB

"Purple Haze," Stephanie Foster, Weinshenker Lab, NS

Live Talk Winners

1st Place: Stephanie Foster, NS

2nd Place: Ana Enriquez, MMG

3rd Place: Darian Williams, MSP

Flash Talk Winners

1st Place: Nicholas Harbin, MSP

2nd Place: Jordan Lewis, PBEE

3rd Place: Julia de Amorim, BCDB

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