Faculty Awards

National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

Rafi Ahmed, PhD

Max Cooper, MD

Victor Corces, PhD

Bruce Levin, PhD

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Rafi Ahmed, PhD

Max Cooper, MD

Bruce Levin, PhD

Larry Young, PhD

Institute of Medicine (IOM)

Rafi Ahmed, PhD

Max Cooper, MD

Raymond Dingledine, PhD

Christian P. Larsen, MD, DPhil

Allan Levey, MD, PhD

Lance Waller, PhD

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS Fellows)

Jocelyn Bachevalier, PhD

Jeremy M. Boss, PhD

Max Cooper, PhD

Ray Dingledine, PhD

Randy A. Hall, PhD

John R. Hepler, PhD

Eric Hunter, PhD

Hanjoong Jo, PhD

Michael Kuhar, PhD

Steven L'Hernault, PhD

Dennis Liotta, PhD

Raymond F. Schinazi, PhD

David S. Stephens, MD

Stephen Traynelis, PhD

Elaine Walker, PhD

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Professor

David Lynn, PhD Research: On Recent Discoveries by Emory Researchers (ORDER)

Victor Corces, PhD Research: Research Internship and Science Education Program (RISE)

Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Most Highly Cited Researchers

Rafi Ahmed, PhD

Andrew Miller, MD

Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) Distinguished Cancer Scientists

Lawrence Boise, PhD

Edward Morgan, PhD

David Yu, MD, PhD

Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) Eminent Scholars

Rafi Ahmed, PhD

Max Cooper, MD

Madhav Dhodapkar, MBBS

William Dynan, PhD

Eric Hunter, PhD

Michael Kuhar, PhD

Ignacio Sanz, MD

Guido Silvestri, MD, PhD