Degree Completion

Step One: Check that you meet all LGS qualification requirements

Step Two: Apply for a degree through LGS

Step Three: Know your Program’s process and meet your Program’s requirements for dissertation and defense

Students are responsible for knowing their Program’s processes and requirements as they relate to completing their dissertation and scheduling and holding their defense.  Students should review the information in their Program’s handbook around these two topics and speak with their DGS and PA for any program-related questions and confirmation of the process and requirements.

Step Four: Finalize your file with GDBBS

Following their defense and before the degree completion deadline or personalized extension date, students need to submit the following three documents to Emily Neutens ( via email or in person at the GDBBS offices:

  • The GDBBS Committee Approval of the Oral Defense Examination form signed by each of the student’s committee members including their advisor.
  • The LGS Approval Sheet of the student’s written dissertation signed by each committee member including the student’s advisor.  The student does NOT need to collect the Dean’s signature.  The Dean will sign in the online system after reviewing the student’s dissertation and degree completion documents. Students will find a template for page within the LGS “Submitting your thesis or dissertation: guidelines and template pages” pdf available on the right-hand side of the LGS Degree Completion website.
  • The LGS Doctoral Completion form located on the right-hand side of the LGS Degree completion website. This form must include the student’s dated signature and the student’s Program Director or DGS’s printed name and dated signature.   Students do NOT need to collect the Division Director’s signature.  Emily will do a final review of the student’s file and then the Division Director will sign the form and Emily will return it to the student.

Step Five: Finish uploading all required documents to LGS

Finally, once the student has satisfied their Program’s requirements and finalized their file/progress with the GDBBS, students will upload all final documents to the LGS.  For more information about what documents must be uploaded to the LGS, please visit the LGS degree completion site.

Step Six: Celebrate!

Congratulations on a job well done!  Once all documents have been submitted to LGS, the student should receive an auto-email noting that their documents have been received and are being reviewed by the LGS staff and Dean.